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1、Talent Concept
Employing talents, people do their best.

Talent is the soul of the company. The company regards talent as the greatest asset, and always regards talent as the foundation of enterprise development, the basis of competition and the foundation of development.
The company provides employees with a broad stage to show their talents, showcases the vast space of talents, and discovers talents, trains talents, respects talents, and develops talents.

Emphasis on the introduction and re-training of talents, supporting a full range of technical training and business training, enhancing the practical ability of employees at all levels in the work, to achieve people-oriented, meritocracy, and talent.
We have a young, highly educated workforce, a harmonious, diligent working atmosphere, and a team spirit of common development.
We believe that: Cinsmile Technology Co., Ltd. is an ideal platform for all talents with both ability and ethics to display their ambitions.

2、Compensation and benefits
The company provides competitive salaries in the same industry, and maintains fairness to the outside, inside, and individuals through effective compensation management.
The company mainly determines the employee's salary based on the three factors of employee's value, ability and contribution, so that "people do their best, people enter their wealth."

According to relevant government regulations, employees are paid social insurance, including pension, medical care, work injury, unemployment, maternity insurance and housing provident fund.
The company regularly organizes employees to participate in various activities (climbing, outings, tea, dinner, etc.) every year.

The company provides working lunches for employees free of charge.
In terms of departments, each employee enjoys a certain amount of activity funds for departmental activities and employee exchanges.

3、Career channel
Cinsmile Technology provides employees with two-way choice development career channels. Employees can follow their own abilities, interests and career planning. Employees with management potential and ability can take the professional line of management line and are willing to settle in a certain profession (R&D, implementation, Market, sales, consulting, etc.), concentrating on research, and becoming an expert in the professional field. The two-step career development channel provides a broad space and platform for employees to develop their careers.

4.Communication channel
The company advocates a communication culture of “communication barrier-free” and provides diverse communication channels (communication meetings, reports, interviews, internal emails) to provide management with advice and opinions in all aspects.